Pōwhiri  |  Whakatau

All new enrolments to school are welcome to start the term they will turn five in, please notify the office prior to enrolment.

Ngarotanga i te kura  |  Absenteeism

Our kura is required to record student attendance electronically also providing a reason for the absence. These electronic registers are audited annually. If your tamaiti is sick or will be absent from kura for any reason, please notify our office as soon as possible so this may be recorded with the appropriate information.

Pātaka Kai  |  School Lunches

We are a 'Ka Ora, Ka Ako: Lunches In Schools' kura.  Healthy lunches are provided daily through the support of Matauri Bay School.

He Kura Para Kore  |  Environmentally Friendly School

Kaitiakitanga is a key component of our Graduate Profile - Te Āhua o te Ākonga.  Our kura promotes being environmentally friendly and this year the tamariki will have further opportunities to investigate the importance of caring for our whenua and environment through the development of our māra kai.

Te Ngarotanga o ngā Kakahū i te Kura | Clothing Lost Property

If your tamaiti is missing uniform/clothing items, please check with the office first as the lost property will be housed there.

Te Whakapā atu ki te Whānau  |  Communication with the Kura

We have various forms of communication with our whanau including the following:

Ngā Hauata i te Kura  |  Injuries at Kura

From time to time your tamaiti may have an accident at kura. All minor accidents such as a minor fall will treated as soon as possible. All accidents concerning a head injury or worst will be communicated to the parents with information held in our kura accident register. Some staff and Board of Trustees will be updating their first aid certificates during this year for safety reasons.

Kutu  |  Head lice

Head lice is a common thing for all tamariki, no matter who you are and where you come from. If your tamaiti has head lice, please make sure you clean their hair to avoid further infestation of other tamariki.

Te Mātirotiro Whaiaro  |  Police Vetting

Under the new Vulnerable Children’s Act implemented on July 1st 2016, everyone who works with children is required to be police vetted. Everyone working with tamariki during school practices are all required to be police vetted. The purpose of this law is to ensure our tamariki are SAFE at all times within their learning environments. This also extends to our whānau members who will support the kura on haerenga of any nature. Therefore, the kura humbly requests that whānau members who are working with our kura complete their police vetting forms as soon as possible and hand them into the office, allowing us to complete the process. We appreciate everyone in the whānau and thank you in advance, for this will enable whānau support within the kura more freely. All information will be confidential and kept safely at kura.

Kura Haerenga  |  School Excursions

Your tamaiti will attend kura haerenga in conjunction with the kura throughout the year. Some haerenga will have little or no cost involved such as attending local tangihanga and local events. Where possible the kura will try it’s best to minimise the costs, however communication with whānau will also be well in advance if there is a cost involved. From time to time parental assistance may be required to transport our tamariki to and from a venue as part of the kura haerenga which the kura is very grateful for the support it receives.

No permission slips are required for local haerenga (trips) as there is a blanket permission slip in our enrolment forms, however, haerenga or trips further than Whangaroa will be sent to whanau at the appropriate times. All permission slips need to be signed with parental or caregiver consent prior to any student participating in the haerenga.

Ngā Rawa a Kura  |  Stationary

Stationary is provided by the kura at the beginning of each year.

We are a 1:1 device kura which means every child has access to and use of an iPad and/or a Chromebook device for learning.  

Whānau will be informed if further stationery items are required e.g. BYOD